Not Just Thank YOU… This is Mad Gratitude.. 2 U, N U, N U 2!

These Credits are written with mad gratitude and respect for those that participated toiled, bled, n sweated in the Creation of Project HAA

The Making of HAA and all its add ons and components could not have happened without these very key peeps…. If somehow you worked on HAA way back in 1879, I just want to say thank you if I forget some of the peeps, as this has been a layer upon layer undertaking!

Much Luv, Much Respect, Always Shine in Ur Grind…. And We will get there !!!

First and Foremost Gratitude to Terance Ervan, Shady Palms productions, The band SDB, in all incarnations since 2002 back in Dayton Ohio…. Were we formed.

All my players…. Co writers.. My og’s … T Rob B Wes C Ali S… the newbies… you know who u r and soon the world will too…

Graphics! Rainier Garr, you are a super starr! And a true and loyal friend.

Garry Sullins! Site Developer and Sensei ! I don’t really think you actually know how great of a human you R! This site has waited many moons for YOU! :)

Annie Miles : Remixed and Remastering of HAA with the exclusions of : Need II Feed, I Don’t Care, Whisper all on the project HAA Lady U R a Sound Genius!! Thank YOU!

Last, but never least,

All those who supported us, especially in those dark times when we could not see 5 feet in front of us, but still had the faith, to move forward, each and every person who assisted Us the band, the fam, the video, the pix, the couches… yes… there were couches…. All of YOU brought us Here… right here… right now!

Friends and Family, you are always loved and appreciated…

And of course, BuxStarr! My loyal and trusted besty… thick and thin… up and down… me little friend..with the big big heart…. Ya neva let me down…. Luv my Bux! Woof!!!


Onward and upward… now… Let Us Rock !
Siri Dyal Kaur
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